As it’s March, it’s obviously much too late to say Happy New Year. But we are really excited that after months of sometimes frozen, sometimes flooded ground we have well and truly started getting ready for 2024 and a whole season of fresh produce.

We’ve been busy for the past few months – even though we haven’t had flowers on sale, we have been doing lots of seed sowing and bed preparation, lots of improvement work on the farm, and we’ve also had a little bit of time to reflect and plan for this year and beyond. In January, we went for the first time to the Oxford Real Farming Conference which was two very full days of inspiration and food for thought. We’ll be writing more throughout the year about what excited us and what we took away from the conference – we were very happy hear so much encouragement and challenge from some of the leaders in agroecological farming.

We’ve come into 2024 buzzing with the thought of picking up where we left off in terms of our edible flowers – we were excited to see pictures of customers’ cakes and dishes throughout last year, and we’re looking forward to helping lots more people with more beautiful creations this year. We will have a large range of seasonal flowers in different colours and sizes, and we are happy to provide advice if you are planning something for a special celebration this year. 

We are also very excited to be embarking on our second year of running a veg box scheme in our local area. Hannah has recently joined the board of Community Supported Agriculture UK and we are making some great new contacts and sharing expertise with like-minded schemes all over the country. Do get in touch if you are local to north Doncaster and would like a share of our produce delivered via a weekly veg box.

There are new products on the horizon this year as well. We have an expanded range of foliage for both edible flowers for cooking, as well as the edible flowers for baking and bouquets. We will also be launching a cut flower CSA option alongside the veg boxes. We had lots of positive feedback about our bouquets last year. Our cut flowers make an ideal gift for all sorts of landmark occasions through the year or just as a gift to yourself!

We know we have an exciting year ahead of us, and we hope you’ll continue to check back here and see what we are up to. In the meantime you can find out what we are doing on a day-to-day basis on Hannah’s Instagram.