We took this photo at the weekend as we were packing up, having built the last of the raised beds we need for summer planting. By our reckoning it is almost 11 months to the day since we started renovating and developing this, our first growing area.

In those 11 months we’ve built 20 raised beds, our shed/summer house, two polytunnels, a fruit cage, several more perennials beds, a 3-bay compost corner with 4 additional tumblers for kitchen waste, and lots of supporting structures which we will carry on adding to and taking away as we rotate crops in and out in the coming months. And there’s also our son’s climbing frame and slide (we’d be lying if we said that it hadn’t been used by a number of family members old enough to know better.)

It’s exciting to have this phase of our development finished, but even more exciting this month was to be able to send edible flowers to Hadia Tariq, a fabulous baker based in London. We would have been thrilled to see one of our first orders on any of her creations at White Whiskers Bakery, but it was even more special for us knowing that we were providing decorations for her own wedding cake. We wish Hadia and her new husband every happiness for their future together.

It’s been a really busy and eventful few weeks here, and it’s going to be a busy month ahead as we get ready to launch our retail range later in June. Come back soon and check out full details of what’s available over the summer, when we’ll also be publishing details of our wholesale range.

Before that, you can click below to check out our flowers on Hadia’s beautiful cake (and loads of other great bakes) on her Instagram page.