Edible Flowers for Baking


These edible flowers for baking include a mixture of sweet flowers suitable for small cakes and batches of biscuits, or to garnish a dessert.

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Add the finishing touch to your cakes, biscuits, desserts and puddings with a selection of edible flowers for baking.The flowers chosen to complement sweet dishes are picked fresh from our farm in Yorkshire, specifically chosen for their smaller sizes that make them suitable for decorating petite treats.

All the flowers we grow are chosen for their stunning colours and beautiful flavours. Our mixed punnet of edible flowers for baking will include a minimum of 40 flowers and leaves and will include a variety of vibrant blooms with a range of flavours to compliment sweet dishes and baking. All our flowers are seasonal so what is included in the punnet varies throughout the year. A typical punnet of edible flowers for baking might include viola, roses or dahlias, and daisy – if your design includes specific varieties or colours of flowers, please see our bespoke edible flowers listing.

All of our edible flowers are grown locally in Yorkshire without any pesticides or fertilisers, ensuring that they are safe to consume and free of any unwanted chemicals. We have done extensive research to ensure all the blooms are safe to eat and to ensure they meet Environmental Health Guidelines. The blooms in your punnet of edible flowers for baking are picked on the same day that they are sent out so they will be as fresh as possible.

Your order will be safely delivered in eco-friendly packaging that can be reused or composted at home, ensuring that there is no unnecessary waste created from your order. This keeps your carbon footprint low, in line with ordering your edible flowers for baking from a sustainable British food producer

If you’re using these sweet edible flowers in treats for a special event, why not also check out our edible flowers for cocktails – a specially-designed punnet of the best blooms for beverages.

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