Edible Flowers for Cakes


Create a show-stopping dessert with the use of our edible flowers for cakes – a selection of bold, vibrant and of course, edible blooms perfect for special occasions.

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After long, hard hours in the kitchen spent mixing, testing and baking, you know your cake is going to taste absolutely delicious. Now, for the decoration – and what could be better than fresh, edible flowers for cakes to turn your dessert into a masterpiece? Grown right here on our farm in Yorkshire, we select the most exciting and vibrant seasonal blooms for your punnet, which could be tulips, roses, or dahlias.

This selection of edible flowers for cakes includes a minimum of 18 large flowers that are sure to make maximum impact as cake toppers. We include a mix of colours, sizes and types of flowers for a bold bouquet-style design in this punnet, perfect for all special occasions.

If your design requires particular varieties or colours, please go through our bespoke edible flower selection. We understand that ensuring your flowers are a particular colour, texture or shape is important and we enjoy working with bakers to make their designs come to life. These larger blooms are ideal for tiered cakes for weddings, birthdays and milestone events, while we also offer punnets of smaller edible flowers for baking that are more suitable to cupcakes, biscuits and puddings.

All of the flowers are grown in a way that ensures they are safe to eat. We have done lots of research into what flowers can be added to cakes to ensure they meet Environmental Health Guidelines. Always ensure you buy edible flowers that are specially-grown for consumption, as those from florists are often treated with additional preservative chemicals.

Your edible flowers for cakes will be picked fresh on the day of delivery dispatch and carefully protected in our cardboard packaging that can be recycled or composted at home. As farmers, protecting the environment is of the utmost importance to us, and this helps to reduce the carbon footprint of each order.

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