Vegetable Subscription Box


Get fresh veggies delivered straight to your door with our vegetable subscription box for North Doncaster – contact us to see if your address is in our delivery area.

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Get the freshest seasonal produce in your kitchen ready to make tasty meals without even having to go to the shops, thanks to our vegetable subscription box for villages in our local area (Campsall, Norton, Sutton, Burghwallis, Skellow, Moss, Askern, Kirk Sandal, Wentbridge and Darrington) These subscription boxes are filled to the brim with veg grown right here at our farm, where we also grow our popular edible flowers.

Seasonal produce could include vegetables like squash, carrots, beets, broccoli and much more – get in touch with us at any time to see what’s growing now. With these recurring deliveries, you’ll have frequent top-ups to your pantry and all veg are picked fresh and delivered straight to your door without any double handling or long-distance transport required. Not only are you supporting a local farming business, but you’re committing to sustainability and lowering your carbon footprint.

The super fresh vegetable subscription box contents are grown without pesticides or fertilisers, ensuring they are free of unwanted chemicals and are ready to eat, cook and serve. There’s no unknown steps in preservatives or treatments here, it’s farm to table at its finest! The vegetables are packaged safely in reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging as part of our efforts to remain environmentally-friendly.

At this time we are only offering our vegetable subscription box options to residents of our local villages, so we recommend that you contact us to enquire if your address is in our delivery area. We can also advise further on prices, frequencies and contents further, and would love to hear from you.

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