Edible Flowers for Cocktails


Add the wow factor to your next dinner party with our selection of edible flowers for cocktails – taking your beverages to new heights with the addition of beautiful blooms.

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As you hand your guests their drink, watch their expressions light up with delight from the unique and glamorous result that looks as good as it tastes.

The selection in our punnets of edible flowers for cocktails have been specially-chosen for their decorative properties rather than their flavour palette, which is more neutral, allowing for use across various cocktail mixes and blends. You can also follow our guide on how to make edible flower ice cubes with these varieties for another presentation option.

Each punnet includes a minimum of 20 flowers, all of which have been grown here on our farm in Doncaster. To ensure that all of our edible flowers are safe for consumption, we do not use any chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers – unlike those from bouquets in florists or supermarkets, which have been treated with preservatives that are unsafe to ingest.

Your edible flowers for cocktails will be picked fresh on the day of dispatch and will include seasonal varieties that change year-round. The flowers will be packed carefully in environmentally-consious packaging that can be recycled or composted at home as part of our commitment to sustainability.

These edible flowers for cocktails are just one of the options available – if you’re really wanting to make an impact at your next special occasion, why not consider our edible flowers for cakes and bake up a show-stopping treat to go with your drinks?

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